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Cover Drum Dreamz Continental drumming by Tanmoy Bose/Andreas Weiser

Drum Dreamz Continental drumming by Tanmoy Bose/Andreas Weiser

Times Music 2014. with: Tanmoy Bose: Basic groove on Djembes, Vocals, Tablasolo / Andreas Weiser: Basic Groove on Djembes, Vocals, Congasolo / Mohammad Reza Mortazavi: Tombaksolo / Marcos Suzano: Pandeirosolo / Rajkumar: Tavilsolo / Mamadou M´Baye: Sabarsolo and Talking Drumsolo / Giba Conceição: Cuica

Cover Fuzzy Logics

Fuzzy Logics

Timescraper records 2013, with: Michael Rodach: Guitar and Electronics / Burkhard Schlothauer: Violin and Electronics / Andreas Weiser: Percussion and Electronics

  • Dresden (Excerpt)

Cover The Taal Tantra Experience, sixth sense

The Taal Tantra Experience, sixth sense

Ozella Music 2010, with:Tanmoy Bose: Tabla / A.Weiser: Percussion / Kai Brückner: Guitar /Tilmann Dehnhard Flute and Tenorsax / Jan von Klewitz Sax alto / Max Hughes: Bass / Detlev Beier: Doublebass / Debashish Bhattacharya: Slide guitar / Martin Klingeberg: Trumpet / Ravichandra Kulur: Bansuri / Nina Ernst: Vocals / Mainak: Vocals / Lukas W. Vargas: Sanfona / Debashis: Sarangi

  • It´s been a long way composed by A.Weiser

  • Rikshaws on Rash Bihari composed by Tilman Dehnhard

Cover Andreas Weiser, Close Distance

Andreas Weiser, Close Distance

Nabel records 2008

  • Winter

Cover Degas/Weiser “Heimat”

Degas/Weiser “Heimat”

Piranha Music 2006, with: Jorge Degas: Guitar and Bass / Andreas Weiser: Percussion / Nina Ernst: Vocals / Sahrin Rezai: Vocals

  • Ich hab die Nacht geträumet

Cover Andreas Weiser, Daily stories

Andreas Weiser, Daily stories

United One records 2001

  • She´s gone

Cover SHANK: Soundtrack

SHANK: Soundtrack

United one records 2001, Shank that time was: Michael Rodach: guitar, Martin Klingeberg: trumpet, Matthis Trippner: drums, Andreas Advocado: bass, Andreas Weiser: percussion/producer

  • Behind the white courtain, misty

Rain drenched city